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Cognito srl was founded in 2013 and joined in 2022 by a team of experts in cognitive science, computer science, artificial intelligence, and ethics, who share a common vision of creating a more fair, transparent, and trustworthy digital society.

What we offer

Cognito srl offers a range of services and solutions to help organisations and individuals identify, measure, mitigate, and prevent bias in their data, algorithms, systems, and decisions, using state-of-the-art methods, techniques, tools, and practices.

Our research

Cognito srl also conducts cutting-edge research and innovation projects on bias detection, correction, and prevention, in collaboration with academic, industrial, and public partners.


Cognito srl's mission is to provide high-quality, reliable, and ethical bias auditing and consulting services, and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and awareness on bias in human beings, IT systems, and AI systems.


Cognito srl's vision is to become a leading and trusted partner for bias auditing and consulting in Italy and Europe, and to promote a culture of fairness, transparency, and accountability in the digital society.


Armando Massimiliano Sirolla

Senior executive

Francesco Mureddu

Analyst and strategist in digital innovation and public policy

Gianluca Misuraca

International Expert on Digital Governance, Strategic Foresight and Technology Diplomacy

Francesco Molinari

international researcher and policy advisor

Tommaso Federici

Teacher Human Resource Management at University of Tuscia

Alessandro Innocenti

Professor of economic policy at the University of Siena

Scientific Committee

Dragan Čišić

European University Cyprus , Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering - adjunct professor

Peter Völk

Master's degree in social sciences (University of Bremen) with specialization in EU vocational education and training policies

The Bias

Bias is the significant adversary of modern society, leading to unfairness, discrimination, and harm in various domains, including education, health, justice, and politics. It affects human beings, IT systems, and AI systems differently based on sources, types, contexts, and impacts.

Bias in Human Beings

Bias in human beings stems from personal characteristics, experiences, beliefs, emotions, stereotypes, or heuristics. It influences perception, interpretation, judgment, or actions on information, often unconsciously. This can result in errors, inconsistencies, prejudices, or discriminations in domains such as education, employment, health, justice, or politics.

Bias in IT Systems

Bias in IT systems originates from design, development, deployment, or use, including hardware, software, data, algorithms, interfaces, or users. It affects how systems process, store, transmit, or present information due to technical limitations, errors, or assumptions. This can lead to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, vulnerabilities, or harms in applications like communication, computation, security, or entertainment.

Bias in AI Systems

Bias in AI systems arises from data, algorithms, outputs, impacts, or governance. This includes quality, quantity, diversity, representation, or interpretation of data; complexity, transparency, explainability, or accountability of algorithms; functionality, accuracy, reliability, or security of outputs; and benefits, costs, risks, or liabilities of impacts. Standards, regulations, or ethics of governance also play a role. Bias in AI systems influences learning, reasoning, decision-making, or actions on information, often due to algorithmic limitations, errors, or biases. This can lead to unfairness, discrimination, or harm in domains such as healthcare, finance, education, or social media.

Why an AI audit

Why Consider an AI Audit ?

Improving AI Systems

An AI audit can identify and address issues, gaps, or errors that may affect functionality, accuracy, reliability, or security. For example, it helps detect and correct data quality problems, algorithmic biases, or ethical violations.

Demonstrating Value

An AI audit helps demonstrate your AI systems' value and trustworthiness to customers, partners, regulators, and investors. Showcase alignment with industry best practices, standards, and regulations, along with capabilities, benefits, and impacts on business objectives and social responsibility.

Mitigating Risks

An AI audit ensures compliance, transparency, accountability, and fairness, helping mitigate legal, ethical, or reputational risks. Identify and address potential risks arising from AI systems' use or misuse, and establish clear roles, responsibilities, and processes for development, deployment, and monitoring.


An AI audit provides numerous advantages and opportunities to enhance AI systems and business performance. It helps gain a competitive edge and a positive reputation in the market. Embrace an AI audit as a valuable and beneficial process for your organization.

Our Services

Cognito service benefits

Cognito srl offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to assist organizations and individuals in identifying, measuring, mitigating, and preventing bias in their data, algorithms, systems, and decisions.

We employ state-of-the-art methods, techniques, tools, and practices to ensure the highest standards in addressing bias challenges.


Enhance Your AI Excellence

Unlock the full potential of your AI systems. Our AI audit service identifies and rectifies issues, ensuring functionality, accuracy, and reliability. Elevate your AI to industry standards.

Build Trust with Certified AI

Certify the trustworthiness of your AI. Our AI audit guarantees compliance, transparency, and fairness. Showcase your commitment to ethical AI practices and gain trust from customers and partners.

Secure Your AI Future

Protect against risks and liabilities. Our AI audit ensures legal and ethical compliance, minimizing potential risks. Secure the future of your AI initiatives with a thorough examination.

Demonstrate AI Impact

Showcase the impact of your AI systems. Our AI audit helps you demonstrate value to customers, regulators, and investors. Highlight your AI's positive effects on business objectives and social responsibility


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